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Monday Motivation - A foregone conclusion

Is your health through the holiday’s a foregone conclusion?

Do you expect the worst and hope for the best without even really trying to change your mind set around how to make it happen? How to stop the train-wreck of holiday eating, spending, stress, lack of sleep, and over-committed schedules?

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas - The steady flow of parties, baked goods, indulgent consumerism AND candy lurks around every office, school, home and work place! We are now officially entering the season of work, family, financial stress and everything else that can derail all good intentions for wellness. And undermine our efforts from what is really important – our health.

I’ve noticed people have an attitude that when Halloween hits it is just a natural progression down-hill until that magical date of January 1.Then we lift our heads out of the haze and shriek, “Yikes! I better get healthy again!”

Why is that?

Why do we have a predetermined notion in our head that the last quarter of every year is a foregone conclusion to bad health habits?

Like any other change in habit, in order to conquer something that has become second nature, something you don’t think about, you have to start THINKING about it. You have to take the “less” out of mindless and put the “FULL” back in…MINDFUL.

Acknowledge what is really important – Your total well-being. Which includes your physical, mental, emotional and financial wellness and be mindful about what contributes, or detracts, from that.

This week, take inventory of what your last few holiday seasons were like. How did you feel? How much did you spend? How was your stress level? How much weight did you gain? How far off the band-wagon did you fall ? How long and hard did you have to work to get back on?

Take time to consciously think about approaching this season differently. Yank back at all those cultural holiday tugs. Be mindful of your wellness, in all areas, predetermine what is REALLY important (clue-it’s your health, family and friends;), and how you want to feel when it’s all over.

Then, WRITE IT DOWN – Just do it. Put it in your calendar or on a sticky note by your computer.

Commit to not being a foregone health-bomb conclusion. You are going to spend less, eat less, over-commit less and exercise consistently for your mental and physical health.

In coming weeks I will have blog posts on specific ways to help you through this. For now, lets just start with this simple task.

This morning I woke early to hit the gym for a weight workout. My motivation song was “Taking Care of Business” by BTO.

This week, and for the next 3 months, let’s take care of the business of our health so the inevitable conclusion to our well-being is not the revolving door of over-indulgence in food/drink, spending, and stress with the dreaded January 1st “New Year Resolution” panic.

Thank you so much for your support! Let’s conquer the next 3 months with wellness!

Becky MacGregor, Corporate Wellness Specialist-CHWA, WELCOA, NASM, IDEA

Sandia Park, NM

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