Monday Motivation - What sinks your ship?

Well, it’s Monday again and I’m properly exhausted from the weekend. Have you ever felt that way? There is no transition between work week to work weekend? It’s just go-go-go. Me too. And, while I don’t advocate that for everyone all the time, it happens. Doesn’t it?


Then what?
• How do we avoid burn-out and feel rested?
• How do we stay positive?
• How do we get motivated for the week?


I was actually asking myself that this morning. As I was heading downstairs with my coffee in hand: How am I going to write something motivational for YOU when I don’t feel that energetic myself? We’re all human. Then I saw this graphic.


Think of a down trodden, lackluster attitude like water surrounding a ship. If I let those feelings sink in, my day and week are shot. I’m sunk.


So we need to recognize the emotions for what they are, quickly bail out those early thoughts of negative waters and keep them from penetrating the hull.


It’s easy to let the busyness and stress of life, work, and/or family drag us down into deep waters. Find time this week for you-your health and well-being. Steal moments of stress relieving exercise, rejuvenating quiet time, or whatever it is, to keep you buoyed UP and inspired.


Thank you for all your support and have a wonderful week!

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