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Monday Motivation - The Momentum Theorem

I have the fortunate opportunity to be part of Leadership Albuquerque class though the Chamber – We had incredible speakers who inspired the whole group. An “aha” moment I had was the momentum theorem:

In the area of our wellness, this seems so simple. Doesn’t It? If we could just stay focused, with the right amount of intensity over time we’ll achieve success. Right? But how many people actually DO this and come out the other end with any measure of good health? There are usually sacrifices with family, work, or friends along the way to achieve this illusive ‘success’.

Let’s break it down…

  • In order to focus on something we have to first see it for what it is and put it in the right perspective. Recognizing, confronting and proactively changing negative wellness patterns is not easy.

  • Also, it’s hard to stay focused when we are constantly distracted by phones, social media, work and family obligations.

  • Intensity is a scary word - For most people it denotes HARD and time intensive. Which could can keep people from trying new things, starting an exercise program, or staying consistent if they think it will be too difficult (ie, intense). Breaking bad habits and forming new ones is, by nature, intense. But hard and intense do not always belong in the same sentence. You can have one without the other.

  • Time – In our over-scheduled world, who the heck has that?

Something always gives when it comes to our pursuit of what we might think ‘success’ is and it’s usually our health. Now, personally. I believe this theorem. But my personality type also lends itself to it. I grew up the last of 6 kids and I’m used to putting my head down and grinding it out no matter how hard, or long, and completing the goal.

We don’t all grow up that way, which is why people struggle with fitness and nutrition. So, I want to give you a twist on this theorem and a different way of approaching it.

Focus – Putting wellness patterns upfront and taking an honest look at your health on all levels is important. Be honest about your habits. That's the first step to change and it's not all or nothing solutions. For instance, it’s not just about using less social media, turning off your phone, computer and/or TV. It’s about seeing it for what it is (a time waster and stress inducer) and being willing to unplug.

Intensity – This word gets a bad rap. One of the definitions is great energy, strength, concentration, vehemence, etc., as of activity, thought, or feeling:

a high degree of emotional excitement; depth of feeling:

You should be intense about your health and overall well-being!

Be intense – be excited, be vehement about your wellness. If you’re not no one else will be for you. And if we’re not, we’ll turn around one day and not have any health to be excited about. We’ll have to apply this theorem to our illness, instead.

Time – This is the biggest excuse I hear in regards to why people don’ take care of their health. They don’t have time to exercise. They don’t have time to prepare healthful foods. Yes we do. We just need to focus on making it. Learn to clear distractions and cut other, less productive activities, out of your day to make room.

Making time to focus on your wellness is not a waste of time. It’s time well spent so that you can enjoy precious moments with your kids, grand kids and family now as well as later in life. Try staying focused on your health consistently by using a daily planner, or another scheduler device, and writing your plan down so it doesn’t get lost in the busyness of your day.

With this theory, we can’t necessarily have one without the other. They work together for sure. We can't be intense about something we haven't identified and targeted. Once we do that, we have genuine excitement and put in the time needed to create success. BUT...

I think the binding agent for this theorem to really work for our wellness is consistency.

If we approach each part with any measure of consistency – We’ll have success in our endeavor. We need to focus with intensity consistently. It doesn’t mean perfectly, but rather a steady state of action.

Focus with intensity, excitement and consistency on making time for your health in order to have success.

Thank you all for your amazing continued support! Let’s go forth and smash the momentum theorem for our fitness, health, and overall well-being!

#wellbeing #motivation #inspiration

Becky MacGregor, Corporate Wellness Specialist-CHWA, WELCOA, NASM, IDEA

Sandia Park, NM

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