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Monday Motivation - The Consequences We Carry

In previous Monday motivations I’ve written about the consequences if we do nothing for our health. If we do nothing for our wellness, we get nothing in return. And it got me to thinking about the flip side of consequences. The fallout we can experience by doing what we want to do, when we want to do it - Just because we want to do it. Like a petulant child with hands on hips stomping a foot through the floor in defiance.

Whether that consequence is positive, negative, instantaneous, or progressive over time, there are always repercussions from our choices.I spoke about this to my daughter a few weeks ago and thought about it recently regarding a family member who has been diagnosed with in-operable lung cancer after who knows how many years of smoking.

“Make sure the consequences of what you want are what you want.”

Every day we make choices for our well-being from work and personal relationships to finances and fitness. Every. Single. Day.

Funny thing about choices, though, they always come with an aftereffect. For better or for worse, we better darn well be prepared for what they are.

  • You want that expensive car? Be prepared for the payment

  • You want that cigarette? Be prepared for the cancer

  • You want that soda pop, sugar-bomb Starbucks, the extra cocktail, or restaurant food every day? Be prepared for the weight gain, Diabetes and other chronic illnesses that come with too much sugar and poor nutrition.

  • You want to sit all day, then go home and sit some more? Be prepared for the back and neck pain, lack of mobility and strength from inactivity

  • You want to make more money and climb the corporate latter so you JUST CAN’T UNPLUG? Be prepared for the stress induced heart disease and Diabetes.

  • You say you’re going to get some exercise but surf the internet or decide to watch TV instead? Right…

Most people don’t think through the scenario long enough to consider if they really want the consequence of that “want”.

We know teens are especially notorious for this! Admittedly, not all of the wants we have in life are bad. There’s nothing wrong with a nice car, doing well and working hard in our careers, having a Starbucks treat, or eating out every now and then. Not all people get cancer from smoking. Some of the healthiest people I know have still been diagnosed with horrible chronic diseases like cancer. And people struggle to overcome illness and injury so that they can be more active every day.

But it’s when those things, and the stress of it all, start piling up, unchecked, mismanaged and not put in the proper place,that the consequences become a wellness burden.Like baggage we can’t carry because it weighs us down mentally, emotionally, and physically.

This week, take time to step back and think about the short and long term consequences of what you want. Pay attention to your choices for your total well-being. Whatever it is – a financial buy, a cheat eat, or a waiver on exercise, it all adds up. Will the result be what you want?

#health #wellbeing #wellness #motivation #inspiration

Becky MacGregor, Corporate Wellness Specialist-CHWA, WELCOA, NASM, IDEA

Sandia Park, NM

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