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Monday Motivation - Adapt like a freaking shark!

Last week you may remember I wrote about approaching your day like a shark. With motivation and the will to do your best every single day for your overall wellness and survival- Just like a shark!

Now, waaaayyyyyy back when I’m pretty sure sharks may not have started out at the top of the oceanic food chain. I think they had to work pretty hard and go through some serious evolutionary growth to get there.

But they adapted to the culture and environment they were given.

If they had evolved in a bowl, perhaps they wouldn’t be the dynamic species we know them to be today.

We adapt to our environment too. For better or worse we will adapt to what we are given.

You may recall a similar Monday motivation in the past when I talked about how our bodies physically adapt to what they're given. An example - If we weight train, we grow stronger. If we don't, we get weaker.

In wellness, we talk about a person’s work/life culture. Your culture is the environment in which you live, breath, interact, thrive or decline.

You can be in a positive work/home culture or a negative one and you will adjust your behavior and habits accordingly.

Your culture and environment are external with the world around you and internal with self talk.

That's important for you to note - Do you know why? Because if we live, work and think in a negative environment, it will eventually get to us in every way. It can change our perspective and attitude and lead to a decline in our overall mental, emotional, and physical health.

They are all connected. • If you continually expose yourself to things on the more positive, uplifting side or negative, hateful side, your attitude will shift in either direction. It will eventually affect your physical, emotional and mental health. • If you sit in a chair hunched over all day, you will develop forward neck posture, rounded shoulders and a hunched back that will result in neck and back pain. • If you live in an environment with pop tarts for breakfast, fast food for lunch, junk-food in the break room, and quicker processed food for dinner, you will likely end up overweight with one or more chronic disease. • If your work/life culture is basically negative, non-supportive, and stress-filled you will adapt to the weight of that, too.

This week, step back and evaluate your internal and external culture.

Are you adapting in a positive or negative direction? Are you thriving and growing in your environment or struggling to keep your head above water?

Be honest. Disconnect from social media. Talk to a friend. Get good counsel so you can work toward making changes for better overall well-being and balance.

Thank you for your continued support and make it a great week!

Becky MacGregor, Corporate Wellness Specialist-CHWA, WELCOA, NASM, IDEA

Sandia Park, NM

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