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Monday Motivation - "They Just Don't Want It Bad Enough."

That was my husband’s response when I explained to him the advice I had given someone a year ago about how to lose some unwanted belly weight. They asked me. I told them what they needed to do. I hadn’t seen the person in a year and he remarked about it when we all caught up. He asked, “So, you gave them this information and advice and here they are a year later and they’ve gained weight.” “Yes” I responded. “Then they just don’t want it bad enough.”

My husband is really great at this. Just laying truth out there plain and simple. To some that may sound harsh. But, since we have a 3 trillion dollar sick-care crisis on our hands – with 70% of our population overweight and/or obese- and 6 in 10 people with a preventable chronic disease, I don’t care if it sounds harsh. America is a sick nation and it’s only getting worse.

So, while you may be doing all YOU can to be healthy – I would estimate we have at least 50-60% of our population who aren’t doing a darn thing. They don’t want it bad enough to change.

Sometimes the behavior change specialist in me tends to be a little too forgiving, a little too soft. I want to work with people who struggle and have difficulties. And, I understand that people struggle on many levels. But the reality- the TRUTH is - if you want health and wellness, you’ll do it. You’ll change. You’ll find the time. You’ll quit the crap. You’ll want it bad enough.

If you ask me (or anyone else) for health, weight loss, or wellness advice and don’t take it, you just don’t want it bad enough. Truth is truth.

Either this will convict you right away or give you an initial, offended response. Viscerally we can feel defensive when faced with facts about behaviors we don't want to own. That's ok. But take a minute to reflect on your excuses and ask yourself - "How bad do you want wellness and are you really doing what you need to do to achieve it?"

#fitness #motivation #wellbeing #wellness #chronicdisease #health

Becky MacGregor, Corporate Wellness Specialist-CHWA, WELCOA, NASM, IDEA

Sandia Park, NM

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