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Monday Motivation - Setbacks or Failures?

Some mornings I have so much I want to pass along I get wordy in my message. And that's what happened today. So, I took a step back and considered: What do I really want you to know? This...

In life, and in our wellness endeavors, we are going to have setbacks. They happen when our expectations don't match reality. Life happens: Injury, illness, stress at work, longer hours, kid stuff, a vacation, a binge weekend, whatever it is.

The picture changes but if your expectations don't, you'll grow frustrated, feel defeated, and quit.

We have struggles in work, family, and life all the time and usually handle it differently than with our wellness exercise and eating behaviors. We are constantly, mentally and emotionally, handling life’s set-backs. We have an idea of how something should go, yet it doesn't. Do we quit? No. Usually we go back to the drawing board, re-evaluate, look at how we could plan differently, reconcile the struggle, and move forward. Because we have to -That's life!

How you handle your wellness setbacks should be no different.

You will struggle at times, but it doesn't mean you fail unless you quit trying to re-adjust and re-plan.

This week make the decision to keep trying. Re-focus, get back in class, in the gym, or out on the trail. Decide your health is worth the effort.

#wellbeing #wellness #motivation #setbacks

Becky MacGregor, Corporate Wellness Specialist-CHWA, WELCOA, NASM, IDEA

Sandia Park, NM

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