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Monday Motivation - Your body adapts to what it is given.

Monday Motivation - Your body will adapt to what it's given. Give it nothing and it'll do nothing for you.

This follows a universal truth - What you put in to something you get out. We can apply this to almost anything in our work, home, family, fitness and wellness.

We adapt to what we’re given. Which is why sedentary people, people who sit most of the day, pretty much want to sit most of the day. Sitting begets more sitting. Unfortunately, it's a real problem with people who sit at a desk all day. They are exhausted from the mental stress of their job, they feel tired, so they want to go home and sit when what they need to do is get up and MOVE.

When people do have to get up to move, the rate of speed to which they motivate is similar to a sloth. If that sounds harsh to you, I watch people move for a living, and it’s the honest truth. It’s also why top athletes succeed; swimmers get faster, runners get faster, cyclists get stronger, ball players get better, or bodybuilders gain muscle. They train, eat well, rest, ADAPT, and then train harder and repeat.

  • If you give yourself garbage food, you feel like garbage.

  • If you fill yourself with negativity, you put out negativity.

  • If you give yourself strength training, you get strong.

  • If you give yourself healthful food, you feel healthy.

  • If you give yourself time to rejuvenate, you feel rejuvenated.

If you give your body nothing good to go on,

it’ll do nothing good for you.

You can adapt to wellness or illness. Your choice.

This week think about how your actions (or non-actions) contribute to what you are adapting to. Do you want to adapt with strength or weakness? Do you want to adapt toward better health or chronic illness?

Let’s choose health, fitness, strength and wellness!

#health #wellnes #wellbeing #motivation #inspiration

Becky MacGregor, Corporate Wellness Specialist-CHWA, WELCOA, NASM, IDEA

Sandia Park, NM

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