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Over & Out Holiday Pitfalls

From Thanksgiving to Christmas we step in a swirling tornado of commitment and commerce. By January the winds calm, we look back at the scattered remains of our health and finances and ask, “What the heck just happened?”

Guess what? The tornado is coming again and you need to take cover. Think of it as preparing the bunker before the storm. A little self-examination and pre-planning can go a long way in helping you survive on all levels through the holidays.

In this article we’ll address the first of three Over & Out Pitfalls:

  1. Over scheduling – Out of Time

  2. Over buying – Out of Money

  3. Over eating – Out of Control

Over scheduling & out of time

Even good, positive things piled on top of each other can be stressful. If your tendency is to overbook, and that creates stress for you and your family, sit down and make a list of activities you know are meaningful traditions. For sanity and sleep sake, take the rest off of the calendar. Map it out, look at the calendar and just say NO. You really don't have to go to every party and holiday event. If you find your weekend is running from one thing to another, ask yourself, "Am I really enjoying this, or is it stressing me out?"

In one survey parents reported an increased stress of 43% because of too many activities.

With too many things on the schedule, something has to give and it's usually your health. People skip workouts, get less sleep and the stress of it all causes illness.

Make a commitment that your exercise routine doesn’t get pushed aside. If you have mid-week holiday engagements and you are an evening or morning exerciser, be flexible with your plan and prepare for it.

Some years you might feel up to doing more than others. That’s okay. Every season evaluate your work load, kid commitments, and energy reserves to conquer it all. Remember, you control your schedule. It doesn’t have to be over-committed to truly enjoy the season.

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