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Monday Motivation - The Golden Years

We just had spring break and I took my girls to Florida to visit my dad, grandma and other relatives. Whenever I come back from visiting a place like Sun City Center it makes me a little sad.

One reason is because the undeniable facts of aging smack you clear in the face. I have said this before, and I’ll say it again; You can age well or not well. You choose.

I see both sides of the fence in Sun City and the one side that hasn’t chosen well sort of breaks my heart. It’s also breaking our health care system.

Aside from that, the point is we work our whole lives for that magical thing called retirement only to spend it going to doctor’s offices, having “procedures”, and spending hard earned and saved money on medical bills. I think that is tragic.

On the flip side, I’ll walk over to the Sun City Center gym (which is fabulous) and their saline pool and see people exercising, interacting, fully mobile and enjoying the last 3rd of their life.

Don’t wait to start taking care of yourself when you retire. Is it hard to exercise every day? Some days, sure. Is it difficult to change eating habits and start cooking, stop buying fast food, pre-packaged/processed frozen foods and cut out unnecessary sugars? Yes.

Some days are good, some bad. But, when faced with the choice, ask yourself: Which side of the fence do you want to be on for your golden years?

#aging #wellnes #retirement #sickness #exercise

Becky MacGregor, Corporate Wellness Specialist-CHWA, WELCOA, NASM, IDEA

Sandia Park, NM

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