For the past two weeks the word that has been occupying my mind is “transition”. Maybe because I am going through so much of that myself lately.

I don’t know about you, but I have had many times in my life when I navigated big and small transitions. Some were easy, othe...

In previous Monday motivations I’ve written about the consequences if we do nothing for our health. If we do nothing for our wellness, we get nothing in return.  And it got me to thinking about the flip side of consequences. The fallout we can experience by doing what...

Saturday, after a 4.5 mile run, I was doing pickup repeats on a small hill. I like to play number games when I have an unpleasant training task so I gave myself and 5 intervals plus 1 since I’m going to be 51 this week. 😉

In my head I was thinking “Ug. I don’t like thi...

June 17, 2019

That was my husband’s response when I explained to him the advice I had given someone a year ago about how to lose some unwanted belly weight. They asked me. I told them what they needed to do. I hadn’t seen the person in a year and he remarked about it when we all cau...

Lately the wellness industry has been all abuzz about building “resilience” for employee well-being.

At its most basic, resilience is the ability to bounce back from a set-back, hard ship, or any hard knock life throws our way.

I think resilience is more about one’s a...

Monday Motivation - Your body will adapt to what it's given. Give it nothing and it'll do nothing for you.

This follows a universal truth - What you put in to something you get out. We can apply this to almost anything in our work, home, family, fitness and wellness.


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June 4, 2019

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